Level-set module


Define level-set objects and cut meshes, integration method and finite element method with respect to one or several level-set.


File(s) Description
getfem_level_set.h and getfem_level_set.cc Define a level-set function (scalar field defined on a Lagrange fem) with an optional secondary level-set function.
getfem_mesh_level_set.h and getfem_mesh_level_set.cc Cut a mesh with respect to one or several level-sets.
getfem_fem_level_set.h and getfem_fem_level_set.cc Define a special finite element method which depends on the element and which is cut by one or several level-sets.
getfem_mesh_fem_level_set.h and getfem_mesh_fem_level_set.cc Produces a mesh_fem object with shape functions cut by one or several level-sets.
getfem_mesh_im_level_set.h and getfem_mesh_im_level_set.cc Produce a mesh_im representing an intergration method cut by the level set and being on on side of level-set, the oter side, both or only on the levelset itself.
getfem_level_set_contact.h and getfem_level_set_contact.cc A level set based large sliding contact algorithm for an easy analysis of implant positioning.
getfem_convect.h Compute the convection of a quantity with respect to a vector field. Used to computate the evolution of a level-set function for instance. Galerkin characteristic method.




Clarify the algorithm computing the different zones.